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Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks

While driving, visibility is of utmost importance, so you need to be able to thoroughly clean your car windows without leaving behind streak marks. Window streaks not only look unappealing but they also blur your vision. When the cleaning method or product you use is not suitable for your car windows, ugly streaks appear.

Refer to these handy tips to clean your car windows without leaving any streak marks:

Clean Your Car Windows Last

To avoid doubling your work, clean your car windows at the very end of your car wash. While washing the other parts of your vehicle, your windows are bound to get splattered and stained. The glass windows reflect dirt even more; hence, it makes sense to wash them at the end thoroughly.

Do Not Expose Your Car to Direct Sunlight

When you directly expose your car to the blazing sun while cleaning it, you will notice streaks forming on the windows. Reason being, cleaning agents evaporate on the window surface much faster under sunlight, without giving you a chance to wipe them off clean. It is advisable to clean your car after parking it in the shade or else choose an overcast day.

Use a Tight Weave Microfiber Towel

A microfiber towel picks up even the tiniest particle of debris, dirt or dust present on your car windows without scratching the surface. What you need is an ultra-absorbent, super-soft fabric that is highly durable and reusable. The superior quality tight weave on microfibers allows you to scrub a little extra on glass surfaces to remove stubborn stains without causing damage.

When wiping your car windows from the outside, dip one end of the microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution and spread it on the glass evenly. After that, use the dry side of the same cloth to remove any streaks from the glass. With microfiber fabrics, it is possible to eliminate any residual streaks. While cleaning the inside of your tinted car windows, use a much gentler hand.

Work Methodically for Best Results

While cleaning the interior windshield, place the microfiber on the rear of your hand and apply pressure against the glass, especially while doing the corners. For easier access, use the passenger seat for sitting and cleaning. Spraying the cleaner on your microfiber instead of directly on the glass gives you the most effective results.

Roll down your windows halfway to reach the top sections for cleaning purposes. Your wiper blades need to be well maintained, or else they wear off faster. Start with using a cleaner to loosen the dirt built-up on the edges of the wiper blades. Subsequently, use a soft cloth to wipe them dry.

Select an Appropriate Cleaner 

Avoid traditional household cleaners as they invariably contain ammonia. The problem is ammonia tends to damage the film of tint coating present on your car windows. You must select a cleaner meant exclusively for cleaning automotive glass. If the cleaning agent you purchase is concentrated, dilute it by adding distilled water before usage.

Every time you clean your front and rear windshields, get down to cleaning your other car windows too.


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