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Fall Car Care

November is the perfect month for fall car care to get your vehicle ready for the harsh winter season. By taking the right maintenance steps, you can prevent accidents due to system failure or an emergency breakdown. Here are some fall car care tips that you should follow.


You need to check the condition of the battery and check for any corrosion or loose connections. Since cold weather is punishing for batteries, you need to check the charging system. Also, batteries are prone to failure as they get older and you will not get any signs to know your battery might fail during the winter. According to experts, you should change batteries that are three years old or older to keep battery troubles away.


Brakes are critical for the safety of the vehicle and the passengers inside. You need to check to make sure that the braking system is effective. Pay attention to the brake linings, drums and rotors for excessive wear or signs of damage.


Tires keep the vehicle grounded to the road even in slippery conditions. You need to check the condition of the tires and look for excessive wear and tear. Check the tread depth and the pressure of all tires. Uneven wear of tires is an indicator of a problem with your alignment. You need to also check the tire for bald spots and bulges. During winter, roads become more slippery and therefore, the tread depth plays an important role in road grip. Similarly, the pressure inside the tires drops with a drop in temperature. You need to ensure that the tires have the right air pressure, including the spare tire.

Heating System

You need to check the heating and ventilation system of the car. They are important for the comfort and safety of passengers sitting inside the car. Fall is the right time to check the air filter and if it is clogged, it will affect the efficiency of the ventilation system. According to experts, you should get the air filter replaced if necessary before the arrival of winter.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are important for clear vision while driving. You need to check the condition of the wiper blades and look for any cracks or signs of damage. Check to make sure the wiper blades can clean the windshield clearly. If they can’t, you need to get the wiper blades replaced. According to experts, you should change the wiper blades every six months. While checking the wiper blades, also check the fluid in the windshield washer reservoir.

Check Under the Hood

You need to check under the hood and look for any signs of leaks or damage. Look for loose clamps, as well as leaking hoses and replace any part that is brittle or spongy feeling. You need to also check drive belts and look for any cracks or loosening. If necessary, tighten the loose drive belts or replace the damaged ones.

With the right fall car care, your car will be more prepared for iffy conditions in the winter and you will experience fewer, unexpected emergency repairs in the winter season.


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