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Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool in Summer

Summers can really mess up your entire travel experience, making it impossible for you to bear the scorching heat, both inside and outside your car. When your vehicle becomes almost too hot to handle, there are a few tips that you must always keep in mind to combat the heat. Here are a few things you could do to ensure that your car remains cool throughout the summer season!

Dashboard Sunshades

These metallic looking wonders come in a variety of sizes and themes and are perfect for the summer. Sunshades essentially act as a protective shield for your dashboard, hence preventing the hot rays of the sun from heating up the interior of your car. The next time you need to park your car out in the open, ensure both sides of your vehicle feature the printed, foldable sunshade of your choice.

Car Fresheners

If you enter your car after a long day of being parked under the sun, you might feel like you’ve entered a hot oven. Apart from the sweltering heat, you might also end up feeling stuffy and suffocated. Along with the task of opening up the windows and cranking the A/C up, make sure you have a car freshener in place so that you can breathe easy with the gush of the A/C wind.

Choose the Shade

Avoid open parking spaces as much as possible during the summer heat. Even if the shaded parking lot is a little farther away from your destination, it is a wiser option during the summer since your car tends to radiate a lot of heat when it’s out in the open. This will save you a lot of trouble.

Cover the Seats

Carry a set of soft cotton blankets or bed sheets to cover your seats with. When your car is parked right under the sun, the seats that are generally made out of materials like vinyl and leather tend to heat up a lot. The last thing you want to do is sit on top of a smoking hot seat. Make sure that you cover your seats with blankets or sheets whenever you step out, and pull them right off when you enter your vehicle again.

Store All Your Commodities Safely

Whether it be digital gadgets or CDs, keep all your belongings in the glove box or in a spot where it’s under some shade. Another thing you can do is cover your valuables under a sheet or a hand towel so that they don’t heat up too much. This will prevent your belongings from getting baked and damaged due to the sun and will also provide more comfort in case you want to use them after coming back in.

Cover the Steering Wheel

The steering wheel, gear shifter, handbrake as well as your safety buckles tend to heat up quickly like seats and can even cause your hands to get burnt, making it difficult for you to handle the steering wheel while driving. Make sure you cover the steering wheel as well as the other parts in the interior of your car before stepping out.

These are a few tips and tricks you can incorporate in your daily life whilst traveling in the scorching summer.


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