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Which Nissan Vehicles Offer AWD or 4WD?

Apart from improved traction and accelerated power, the all-wheel drive feature is an excellent choice to explore the toughest roads with ease. Whether driving through wet or slick roads, it becomes manageable with a Nissan vehicle offering the impressive AWD feature. The drivetrain option allows better control over all four wheels and it ensures superior handling as well. So, if you want to be prepared for the worst road conditions ahead, choose one of the following AWD or 4WD models from Nissan.

Nissan Rogue with AWD

This advanced vehicle comes with an intuitive AWD feature. Due to this, your vehicle will quickly adapt to the changes in road conditions. When moving from snowy to dry roads, it makes the transition as smooth as possible. Its AWD system can change instantly in a jiffy.

Nissan Juke with AWD

This is a small but extremely intriguing crossover. You have the option to add torque vectoring AWD to this model for enhanced control and traction. This feature enables transfer of power from the front to rear wheels as per changing road conditions.

Nissan Murano with AWD

This crossover vehicle allows you to instantly start AWD from the moment you accelerate. You can back it off after reaching higher speeds on highways. When driving in poor road or weather conditions, this vehicle easily allows you to shift into gear as per your driving needs.

Nissan Xterra with 4WD

This SUV is available with a four-wheel drive feature enabled with low-range gearing. It is an excellent vehicle for off-road drives on tough terrains. However, it is no longer under production. So, if you want to own this vehicle, you can check the pre-owned inventory at Gastonia Nissan today.

Nissan Pathfinder with 4WD

This vehicle comes with a 4X4-i 4WD system. It helps to select the driving modes while cruising on the road. This three-row SUV is a perfect choice if you are looking for a family vehicle that can be driven in any weather condition.

Nissan Armada with AWD

This is a luxurious vehicle that comes with comfortable seating, a larger size and stylish design. The Nissan Armada is designed to accommodate up to six people and it can be driven safely on any road condition due to its impactful all-wheel drive system.

Nissan GT-R with AWD

Apart from crossovers and SUVs, Nissan offers an AWD feature in this classy sports car as well. Due to its remarkable performance and engine power, it is referred to as a supercar. The 2018 model of the GT-R comes with an AWD drivetrain that keeps your vehicle under total control no matter what road and weather conditions you are driving in.

Why Choose Nissan AWD Vehicles?

Due to intuitive all-wheel drive technology, all Nissan vehicles have a center differential that divides power between rear and front axles. It can vary from one vehicle to another. For example, some Nissan vehicles have 35/65 front-rear split while a few offer 50/50. This system can automatically redirect power to any of the four wheels depending on individual driving conditions. There are sensors to monitor the tires and identify traction loss in the vehicle.


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