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The Best Holiday Car Sales Events

The Best Holiday Car Sales Events

Like any other business, car dealerships also have high and low periods. Car dealerships get good bonuses from car manufacturers for achieving monthly and yearly sales targets. Hence, car dealerships organize car sales events during specific times of the year. Here we have discussed the best holiday car sales events.

Presidents Day Car Sales 

Presidents Day falls on the third Monday of February when the inventory is plentiful at car dealerships. Many car dealerships experience a slump in sales after Christmas and are looking for an opportunity to get older models moving. During Presidents Day car sales, big discounts are offered on last year’s models. According to leading research, the average discount offered during a Presidents Day car sales event is around $3,000.

Memorial Day Car Sales

Memorial Day is a Federal holiday and an extended weekend that gives people some extra time for shopping. Car dealerships announce Memorial Day car sales to move older metal and make space for new models that will be announced during the fall season. The launch cycle is consistent across all automobile sectors, and you will find car dealerships offering big incentives on new car purchases.

4th of July Car Sales

The 4th of July holds prime importance in the life of US citizens. As the nation celebrates Independence Day, car dealerships also celebrate the occasion by offering selected car models at a discounted price. By July, many car dealerships that are lagging behind their monthly targets offer deep discounts on selected models. Many buyers who have purchased during Independence Day car sales get around 15 percent off the MSRP, which is an amazing deal.

Labor Day Car Sales

Labor Day, which falls on the first Monday of September, brings three bargain situations for car buyers. Car dealerships that have had lower sales in August see it as an opportunity to make sales and move closer to their annual and monthly sales targets. The three-day weekend gives buyers an extra day for shopping. Also, the month of September is often when new models for the coming year are released. Hence, car dealerships are under pressure to sell the current year models and make way for the newer ones.

Black Friday Car Sales

Black Friday is a shopping day specifically known for the volume of shoppers. Many customers wait eagerly for Black Friday sales that bring huge discounts on their desired products. Online and offline retailers take advantage of the buying frenzy and announce discounts to push sales. Car dealerships also jump into the mix to get their share of customer’s dollars. During Black Friday car sales, you are more likely to get good cash discounts, free oil changes and zero-percent financing on new car purchases.

Waiting for the next car sales event is the best way to save money. Since many people wait for such car sales events, you need to be quick and visit the car dealership before others to get a good deal.


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