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Top 5 Fall Activities for the Family

Few other seasons match the beauty of autumn. From the leaves changing colors and the delicious ripe apples on the trees to the gorgeous orange pumpkins waiting to be carved, this season brings with it so much merriment! We list the best fall activities you can try out with your family.

1. Go Apple Picking with the Children

A revered tradition in a lot of homes, going apple picking is a wonderful way to kick-start your fall festivities. All you have to do is get the entire family in your family car as you travel to an orchard close to you. Planning a fun day trip is advised, and you must refuel your vehicle and check its oil before embarking on an adventure!

2. Make Your Own Holiday Costumes

While Halloween may just have passed you by, it is time to pick out the best costumes for your Christmas holiday card. In fact, many families are now choosing to avoid store-bought costumes and make their own! The upside is that you save a lot of money when you make your own costumes. Renting or buying them can turn out to be a costly endeavor.

Whether you wish to dress up as Santa, the elves or even Rudolf the reindeer; it is time to bring out the sewing kit and experiment with some simple DIY options. Plus, it can help you come closer together as a family when you spend time and care handcrafting your outfits for the evening!

3. Brew up Some Eggnog and Mulled Wine

With autumn comes Thanksgiving and seasonal holidays that bring a lot of guests and well-wishers. Whether you plan to host the hottest parties of the season or simply wish to entertain your co-workers, you shall need a few spiked drinks to fall back on. Simply brew up some eggnog or mulled wine!

4. Plan Your Thanksgiving Meal

Be it roast turkey and tater tots or a more traditional dinner of mashed potatoes, gravy and leeks that you wish to eat for Thanksgiving dinner, planning is key. You can enlist the aid of your family to make it extra special.

5. Cook Up a Storm in the Kitchen with Pumpkin Delicacies

Pumpkin is indubitably the flavor of the season. Hence it is time to put your chef’s hats on and get to cooking in the kitchen. It’s always fun to have your kids and even your nephews and nieces help you bake yummy muffins and other pumpkin treats. One of the more popular dishes among kids is ice cream and of course a variety of tarts and scones!


Top 5 Fall Activities for the Family - Gastonia Nissan Spanish

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