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5 Essential Car Accessories

Whether it’s safety, entertainment or comfort, it is always good to have more. Though modern cars come with multiple comforts and safety features, you might find yourself needing something else. Here we have compiled a list of five essential car accessories that should be in your car.

1. Vehicle First Aid Kit

When you are going on a road trip, you should be prepared for emergencies. A ready-to-use vehicle first aid kit is an essential car accessory that can prove to be lifesaving in emergencies. Car accident injuries can range from cuts to bruises or even broken bones. A vehicle first aid kit contains useful medicines like pain killers, antibiotic ointment, anti-allergies medication, sting and bite cream, antiseptic wipes and gel, band-aids, a flashlight, scissors and a first-aid book with CPR instructions. A first aid kit helps you feel safer and keeps you ready for emergencies

2. Car Air Purifier

If you think the air inside the car is clean and healthy because you have your windows rolled up, you are wrong. Though the car filtration system prevents air pollutants from entering the car cabin, it is not always effective. Over time. the seat covers and other items in your car become a dirt magnet which makes the cabin environment unhealthy. A car purifier uses a four-stage air cleaning process to remove dust, smoke and pollen trapped inside the car cabin. The ionizer neutralizes the smallest particles that may have escaped the filters, thereby making your car’s cabin clean and healthy.

3. Comprehensive Tool Kit

When you are on the road, car breakdowns can be dangerous situations. While most car owners are not mechanics, they do know how to deal with common problems in their car. All they need is a tool kit to do some DIY repairs. Even in modern cars, some things become loose or come apart due to vibrations. The tool kit contains a socket and screwdriver set of various sizes that come in handy for fixing broken things temporarily or tightening nuts and bolts

4. Puncture Repair Spray

A puncture repair spray allows you to fix both tubed and tubeless tires without any disassembly. It can seal and inflate the tire and you can easily drive the car for 60 miles until you find a tire repair shop for a permanent repair.

5. Rooftop Luggage Carrier

Car owners often feel their trunk space is not enough to carry their essential belongings for a road trip. A rooftop luggage carrier can provide you with the extra cargo space you need. One good thing about rooftop luggage carriers is that they do not reduce any passenger space as it fits on the top of the vehicle. You can have a wide range of options in a rooftop luggage carrier. For example, you can buy a rooftop cargo box that can provide you 15 cubic feet of storage space or you can buy an open roof rack carrier that can be used to haul bigger items.

Having the essential car accessories mentioned above will prepare you to deal with tough situations like car breakdowns or flat tires more confidently.


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