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When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Car?

There is a famous quote — “Timing is everything” and it holds true in your car purchase. Buying a car is one of the most important investments for every person and everyone feels good if they are able to get a good deal on it. Here we have discussed a few things about the best time of year to buy a car.

Shop Early in the Week

According to experts, the prices of car fluctuate with demand. Most people tend to buy a car on the weekends because they have free time. This means the demand for cars is higher on weekends, as a large number of people follow this trend. If you want to save some money, plan your car purchase early in the week, like Monday-Wednesday. During these days there is a smaller crowd at the car dealership and the salespeople might offer you a lower price to strike a sale.

Holiday Sales Events

Many car dealerships organize holiday sale events to move inventory. During holiday sales events, car dealerships offer special rebates and financing. Some holiday sales events where you are more likely to get good discounts are:

Memorial Day: Many car dealerships organize a car sale on Memorial Day. Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, and any car dealerships are under pressure to clear the inventory as new models are expected to come out in the fall.

Labor Day Weekend: It marks the beginning of fall and during this time, many new car models are already announced or start grabbing headlines. The result is that the older models look outdated and they might have fewer takers. Hence, car dealerships are ready to move the metal at a discounted price and make space for newer models.

End of Year: December marks the end of both the calendar year and the sales year for car dealerships. Many car dealerships are keen to offer higher sales at the end of the year to achieve their annual sales target. Also, the beginning of the year makes the car older by one year and less attractive to buyers. Hence car dealerships offer good discounts on older car models during New Year’s Eve.

Black Friday: Several people hold on their shopping desires until Black Friday. Many car dealerships are eager to tap into the buying frenzy on Black Friday and they announce good deals to attract customers. Besides lower prices, car dealerships also offer good financing options.

End of Every Quarter

Car dealerships have to meet their quarterly sales target. If they are lagging, you can see car dealerships offering good discounts to entice buyers. You can wait till June and December when car dealerships announce the sales offer.

Don’t forget that cars always depreciate and car manufacturers are always announcing newer designs and models throughout the year. If you can wait for your car purchase, time can be your ally. Purchase the car at the right time and you will end up saving thousands of dollars.


When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Car? - Gastonia Nissan Spanish

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