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When Should You Not DIY Auto Repair?

Changing engine oil and maintaining tire pressure are some of the things that you can do by self. However, there are some auto repairs that may seem simple to you but they are actually complicated. If you come across such car problems, you need to take the car to a mechanic to perform repairs. Here are some auto repairs that are not the job of DIY mechanics.

Broken Air Conditioner

If the air conditioner is not cooling the cabin as intended, something might be broken that needs to be fixed, replaced or tinkered. Air-conditioning systems in the car are complex. While most of the time, the reason could be a low level of coolant, this is not always the case. Fixing any component in the air conditioner needs special tools. If the air conditioner needs recharging, you should not do it by yourself. To recharge the air-conditioning system, you need a big tank of refrigerant and a long hose with a pressure checker. It is not common to have this equipment at home. You should always take the car to the mechanic to fix a broken air conditioner to be on the safe side.

Timing Belt Replacement

If the timing belt has snapped, you need to get it replaced immediately. Until you replace the timing belt, your vehicle will not start and you may be tempted to go ahead with the replacement yourself. Although the timing belt replacement may see simple to you, it can have serious consequences if not done properly. The timing belt is an important component that synchronizes the opening and closing of the crankshafts and camshaft. The timing belt replacement is an advanced repair and you need to have a complete know-how about the process. According to auto repair experts, there is more risk in changing the timing belt by yourself and you might damage the engine. Hence, you should leave the timing belt replacement work to professionals.

Transmission Maintenance or Repair

Transmission maintenance and repair work is complex in nature. The transmission system houses several tiny components that need to be fitted in the right place for the transmission system to function efficiently. These small components have precise tolerances that need to be maintained in order to allow transmission fluid to pass through narrow passageways. You may refill the transmission fluid by yourself but don’t attempt other repair or maintenance work of the transmission system.

Drivability Problems

Problems like your car not starting or drivability issues like surging, hesitating or stalling are not simple to resolve. Many times, your attempt to resolve such issues on your own can create new problems. You might want to replace a few random components that could be faulty according to your assumption. The reality might be a lot different. According to auto repair experts, resolving drivability problems requires proper training and you need to follow different diagnostic methods to find out the real cause. Hence, you should contact a car mechanic to resolve drivability problems.

These are some car repairs that need professionals. If you try resolving these problems on your own, it might make things worse.


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