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Top Features to Look for in a Dog-Friendly Car

When driving with your pet, you look forward to ensuring its safety and comfort in the vehicle. There are some basic requirements that should be met when shopping around for a dog-friendly car. It should be easy to get in and move out of the vehicle. There should be comfortable spaces that suit the size of your pet. Most importantly, the temperature of the vehicle should be perfect. You need to focus on the dog-friendly features that cater to the safety, convenience and comfort of your furry friend. Here, these features are listed for your help.

1. Advanced Climate Control in the Backseat

Normally, dogs pant to help them stay cool. However, if your pet pants regularly, it may be hard to predict if it is feeling warm or cold. Therefore, you can ensure proper temperature in the backseat by opting for a car with backseat air ducts. These rear-facing ducts are located on the back of the center console or are placed on the side roof pillars. Ideally, you can look for a vehicle in which you can change the backseat temperature without affecting the climate control in the front seats.

2. Proper Shape of Backseat

Depending on the size of your dog, you should choose the right shape in the backseat cushions and backrest. If you have a smaller dog, you should look for sculpted seats while bench seats offer more comfort to canines having a larger torso. Always look for easy-to-operate seat belt buckles to allow easy strapping of your dog’s belt.

3. Low Height

When buying a dog-friendly car, you should look for a low backseat height and a low liftover height. It facilitates a gentle step down for dogs. When the backseats are closer to the floor, it becomes easier for dogs to clamber in without much difficulty. If you wish to carry your dog in the cargo area of your car, look for the pet barrier feature and a low liftover height. Here, you can opt for hatchbacks that are compatible with folding ramps and have no door to hinder the entry and exit of your pet.

4. Dog-Friendly Floor Mats

With their muddy paws and fur, dogs can be troublesome for the upholstery of your car. Hence, you need to invest in strong floor mats and protected seat covers to make the interior of your car look fresh and inviting.

5. Pre-Installed Pet Barriers

You can keep your pet safe during a drive in a dedicated part of the cargo area by opting for a pet barrier. In some cars, they are factory installed while in most vehicles, you can get them installed by the dealer. A gated area with a latching door facilitates in keeping the hatch open without risking the safety of the dog.

6. Wide-Opening Sliding Doors

To allow easy dismount for your pet, you should look for a car having substantial legroom in the backseat and wide-opening sliding rear doors. With this feature, the dog can easily step to the floor and out of the door without any problem.

These are the features that you should consider when buying a dog-friendly car.


Top Features to Look for in a Dog-Friendly Car - Gastonia Nissan Spanish

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