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Car Tips and Tricks

Your trusted ride of some years is much like your best friend. There is a special bond between man and machine that any car owner can certainly identify with. Therefore, a tad bit of attention and care can protract the life of your trusted automobile on all your journeys. This is why you will find that these tips and tricks can help you avert a huge bill at your next car service!

Give Levels of Important Fluids a Frequent Check

A little grease on your elbow will do no harm but will make your car function even better.

  1. Between servicing appointments, make sure to check engine oil levels periodically using the dipstick. (You can check the auto manual for its location under the hood of your car).
  2. The level of the windshield washer liquid should be checked and replenished. If not, you will soon have it run dry.
  3. Take a look under the hood. When you open the radiator cap, the level of the coolant should be almost full. Otherwise, it will need to be topped up as well.

The Trick to a Smooth, Running Vehicle Lies in these Aspects!

Don’t shy away from looking under the hood of your car. Scrutinize the following aspects:

  1. The battery is your car’s life and there is no pain like a battery dying. This is why you must take care to ensure that all electrical parts are shut off when your car is not running.
  2. Take the time and make the effort of opening the hood to check that the battery connections are screwed tightly.
  3. You must also remove any signs of rust or corrosion from the battery. If you are hesitant to do this, take your car to a mechanic who can get it done in a jiffy!
  4. You may not know the names or functions of various pipes and hoses under the hood of your vehicle. However, you can easily notice if they are brittle, cracked or worn out. You must get them checked and replaced at the service center to prevent any serious breakdowns.

The Secret to a Great Looking Car

A great looking car is enviable but it does mean a bit of routine maintenance. While there may not be a replacement for professional cleaning, you must be aware of a few factors if you plan to do it yourself.

  • The trick is to use a microfiber cloth to wipe your car because it is soft and does not scratch the surface. Wipe in a single direction and make sure your washcloth is clean and rinsed often. This ensures you don’t rub in dust particles or cause scratches.
  • Another trick is to make the headlights shine by polishing them with a small quantity of toothpaste on a soft clean cloth.

Lastly, do not compromise on the use of high-quality cleaning products. Use manufacturer-approved car wash liquids as they will not harm the waxy coat or shine of your ride!


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