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Driving Safety Tips for Your Teen

Every parent knows how much their adolescent children want to drive and own their very first car. This is an important stage in their coming of age and must be handled with care and wise counsel. As first time drivers, your teens will be responsible not only for their own safety but for the safety of pedestrians and other commuters. This article features key driving safety tips to help your teen behind the wheel.

The Risk is Real

While helping your kid earn their learner’s permit may be an exciting time, you must consider the statistics on road safety and accidents.

Follow Traffic Rules

Did you know that student drivers pose the highest risk for accidents? Experts reveal that it is not uncommon for the car to veer out of control when a teen is attempting to master driving. This can greatly injure your ward, as well as fellow passengers in the vehicle apart from bystanders. While the statistics largely point to teen casualties in road accidents, you must have hope. Ensure that your children understand and have a high regard for traffic rules. By doing so, you will help your teens grow to be responsible drivers when they get their permanent plates.

Always Put Your Seat Belt On

This should be one of the first things they do when they get behind the wheel. Be it a short journey or a long one, wearing your seat belt is a great way to avert fatalities in the event of an unfortunate crash. The science behind it operates to ensure these belts carefully dispense the crash impact equally to your torso and pelvis. Medical science reveals these parts to be the human body’s strongest aspects. Driving without putting on this humble belt could also earn you a ticket and have you pulled over by the police.

Hence, it is best to heed the warnings and accept that this belt could be your saving grace that allows you to escape with minor contusions instead of a major injury or loss of life. This is equally of consequence for the driver as well as passengers in the vehicle.

Never Fail to Stay Under the Speed Limit

Earning your driving license for the first time can be incredibly liberating. For teenagers, it marks the end of an era where their parents or guardians will no longer need to drive them everywhere. Nevertheless, as owners of newly sanctioned licenses, they must uphold road safety and drive under the speed limit at all times. While racing at top speed may be exciting, the adrenaline rush will be in vain if you happen to crash. Remember that repeated speeding tickets can cost you dearly when they cause your automobile insurance premiums to soar!

It is imperative that you instill the right teachings in your ward to ensure that they make the road a safe space for themselves as well as their fellow drivers whenever they happen to be at the wheel.


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