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The Benefits of an Extended Warranty

At the time of buying a car, most buyers are faced with a dilemma of whether they should purchase an extended warranty or not. To make this decision easy, you must understand the benefits and the true meaning of this concept. An extended warranty works as a protection against costly repairs sustained by a car after expiry of its initial warranty. You should buy your car from a trusted dealership to leverage the benefits of this warranty. Mostly, repairs can be made with no deductibles at all. Some other important benefits of this warranty are:

Detailed Coverage

Buying a car from a certified dealership provides many perks including an assured warranty. This new car warranty is mostly limited in terms of its application. Whenever repairs are needed by your car, it will be assessed if they are covered by your coverage plan or not. Typically, new car coverage is insufficient to meet the maintenance and repairs over time. With a comprehensive extended warranty plan, you can relieve your financial stress completely. After expiry of the original manufacturer’s warranty, this coverage will provide protection to your car for an extended time.

Impressive Cost Savings

The cost of repairs for a new car can be extremely high in some cases. Here, an extended warranty works as a shield to protect you from these expenses. If your car breaks down or suffers from a serious jolt, you need not pay for necessary repairs when it is covered by an extended warranty. This amount is paid as a monthly premium which is much less than the potential cost of repairs.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

You can also buy an extended warranty for complete peace of mind. Whenever any unexpected event takes place, this warranty saves your vehicle from further damages. This amount includes towing facility, hotel stay and rental vehicle that drops you to your place. Issues like transmission failure and engine problems are immediately addressed and rectified if you have this additional coverage.

Better Advocacy

Not all car owners are proficient in automotive technology. If you do not understand the technicalities of your vehicle, you can connect with knowledgeable staff of the company for complete assistance. They can help you with any issues related to your car. If you prefer using a professional mechanic to inspect the car for any breakdowns, this extra support proves beneficial. The representatives of the company will become your strong advocates and help you in understanding true issues pertaining to your vehicle.

Better Resale Value

You may not have thought about selling off your car soon after purchasing it. This isn’t necessary, but you must determine the resale value of your vehicle. Whenever, you feel the need to upgrade to a new model, sell this car at a higher value. This becomes easier if it has an extended warranty package that attracts a higher sale price. It also tells the buyer that the car was well-maintained as all major issues were effectively covered by this warranty.

These are the best reasons to choose an extended warranty for your vehicle.


The Benefits of an Extended Warranty - Gastonia Nissan Spanish

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