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How Do I Check My Oil and How Do I Know It’s Time for an Oil Change?

There are few other joys that match up to that of purchasing your very first automobile. Yet, after the initial thrill comes the task of car care and maintenance. If it is your first vehicle, then you might need to get introduced to maintenance essentials. Luckily, this article speaks of ways in which you can perform regular inspections like checking your engine oil levels.

What You Need to Change Your Engine Oil

Peeking under the hood of your vehicle and tinkering around the engine entails getting your hands dirty. This is precisely why you must equip yourself with the following essentials during an oil change.

  1. Protective Pair Of Gloves Or Hand Sanitizing Solution

Plastic gloves, some soap or a hand sanitizing solution are practical necessities because you could get your hands soiled with the oil and engine grease.

  1. Paper Towels

You must also have paper towels handy to clear the residue oil off the dipstick during your check.

  1. A Funnel

The process of pouring the oil into its narrow-necked chamber can be exceptionally messy. This is why using a funnel is as practical as it is efficient.

  1. Engine Oil

Lastly, you will need some engine oil to refill your vehicle. That being said, there are several diverse types and grades of products available in the automotive industry. It would be wise to check with the manufacturer’s manual to ascertain the exact grade of oil best suited to your vehicle. Alternatively, you could get a recommendation from your local mechanic.

Testing Oil Levels with a Dipstick

In order to test the level of oil in your vehicle, you must locate the dipstick under the hood of your automobile. In some automobile models, it is in the form of a ‘T’, which makes it relatively easy to find. In other vehicles it has a lively hue which makes it stand out. A fail-safe way to find it is to remember that it appears to be attached to a lanky pipe that is goes right down to the base of the engine.

On the other hand, some car manufacturers install it with a private alcove near the engine’s cover. Glance at the user manual to ensure you find the dipstick without much ado so you can use it to gauge the extent to which your engine needs an oil refill.

Frequency of Oil Changes and Servicing

  • Whether you choose to change the oil by yourself of leave it to the capable hands of a mechanic, you will have to schedule a maintenance appointment periodically.
  • While new cars necessitate less frequent maintenance, the older your vehicle, the more times you might have to visit your local garage.
  • That being said, checking oil levels every month is advised. It gives you time to fill it up when necessary.

While oil refilling is a crucial concern, you must also remember to opt for frequent car washing. After all, keeping the outside of your vehicle is a smart way to ensure it looks good as new for a long while.


How Do I Check My Oil and How Do I Know It’s Time for an Oil Change? - Gastonia Nissan Spanish

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