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Will Nissan’s Next GT-R be the “Fastest Super Sports Car In The World”?

Despite being in the early stage of design and engineering, Nissan’s next-generation GT-R is expected to break all the stereotypes. The Japanese automaker is claiming R36 to be the fastest kid on the block. It is already touted as the fastest super sports car in the world. This new launch will be the Godzilla replacement and a major game changer for the industry. All the claims have been made by the company’s design chief at a recent event. Let’s explore it deeper.

Electrified or Not

When the original GT-R was launched, it was powered by the best technology and engine. Nissan gave it a lot of updates and refreshing facelifts over the years. Now, the company is contemplating a fresh start for this series with the Nissan GT-R 36. If reports are to be believed, the management is yet to make a decision about the platform and powertrain to be used in it.

As per Albert Albaisa, it is not expected to take styling cues from the special edition ItalDesign GT-R50. The design team is consistently reviewing the sketches of the car until these two factors are finalized. Although, claims have been made that it will achieve a lot of power whether the company goes for complete electrification or no electrification at all.

About the Platform

At this early stage, not much has been revealed about the platform to be used for developing Nissan’s fastest super sports car. However, as per industry insiders, it is believed that it won’t be built on the GT-R’s current custom platform. In fact, a new platform with an evolved architecture is underway to develop this car. It has to be superior and way ahead in terms of technology even if it is not electrified at all.

About the Powertrain

The current GT-R delivers potent power from its swift twin turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine. It goes from 0-100 within 2.7 seconds which in itself is a rare feat. When the company talks about upping the ante from the current levels, it will either increase the power or decrease the weight of the vehicle. In this regard, hybridization seems to be a viable option but it again can lead to porky weight issues. The company is experimenting with different options to find the exact match for its expectations.

You can take cues from its powertrain from the hybrid LMP1 GT-R which was never introduced in the market despite being developed for the World Endurance Championship in 2016. If a similar system is integrated into the next version, you should get ready for a boost of torque and substantial overall output. If the current version emanates 562 bhp, you can anticipate a power of more than 600 bhp in the upcoming model.

When is it Expected to Launch?

According to the company’s management, this next-gen car is expected to hit the market by the early 2020s. Moreover, you can expect additional power and performance from this car.

If it stays true to the claims made by Albaisa, it is definitely going to be the fastest super sports car in the world.


Will Nissan’s Next GT-R be the “Fastest Super Sports Car In The World”? - Gastonia Nissan Spanish

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